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Yes, some people still use fax machines.

We make facsimiles as rad as possible with RADFax. 

FACT: Fax machines are lame. Digitize your faxing already!

VoIP Faxing, Simplified.


No Contracts
Don't get locked into long term contracts.


No Hidden Fees
All fees explicitly stated upfront.


Free Installation
We go the extra mile to ensure your happiness.


Lifetime Support
Lifetime training and support included.



Correct, only $10/month!

  • Easy, software driven. 
  • Receive faxes direct-to-email.

  • Increase efficiency by faxing online.

  • No more paper jams or fax confirmations. 

  • Send & receive faxes from any digital device.


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Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 2.30.19 PM.png

Make your company's facsimiles radical with RADFax.

Radically simple online faxing.


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